Memory Fades…

The human memory is a weird thing. Some things fade over time and some remain crystal clear. Most people say the experience of childbirth fades, which is why some people actually have more than one! For me, I remember it all, except the part where the epidural knocked me out completely and I took a little nap. I have forgotten one thing though – how much moving sucks.

We’ve been in one spot for 5 years. Seems really short for people who never move, but for a military family, that’s kind of an eternity. 5 years in one house means we’ve accumulated WAY too much stuff. I’ve spent the past month cleaning out closets and cabinets and wondering where the heck all this crap came from! Why do we hoard so much? Do I really need 7 different sweatshirt hoodies? Probably not. I do however need all the running shoes. Does my daughter really need all of the 18,000 pens and pencils she has? There seems to be some disagreement on that one. She got to keep them as long as they stay organized – yeah right!!

I did get rid of a LOT of stuff. If you have to do this anytime soon, I recommend doing the kids rooms alone – while they are at school. Trust me on this one. I got rid of many things that would have elicited some angst if she SAW me throwing them out or putting aside to donate. But she hasn’t even noticed they’re gone and if she does, well hopefully it’s after we’re in the new house and I can blame the packers!

You know what else I’ve forgotten? I’ve completely forgotten how much having a house on the market sucks. We’ve been lucky and this is only the second time we’ve had to go through the process of showing the house that we’re living in. It could have been worse I’m sure. But this one has only been listed since Friday morning and we’ve already had two showings and one cancellation over the weekend. We have two more appointments scheduled for tonight and of course they’re one hour apart… Which is not enough time to come back home and actually accomplish anything.

Getting 3 people and 3 dogs out of the house for 3 hours requires some work. We’ve been to the dog park more in the past 3 days than the past 3 years! They dogs are getting plenty of exercise, but even they’re kind of over this process and we’re only just getting started! Where else can you take 3 large hairballs to kill time? Not a lot of places, especially if it’s forecasted to rain. We can only sit in Starbucks parking lot and bum wifi for so long…

If we get lucky, someone will put in an offer for the house quickly, but then take forever to actually go through the process of buying. Otherwise, we might have to leave before our desired pack-out dates. If we don’t get lucky, we’re still showing this sucker up until the time we get ready to leave… I’m not sure I can take that long with having to remind the girl to get the dirty laundry out of her bathroom and vacuuming up dog hair more than once a day. Cross your fingers for us.

We’ll survive regardless, but I’m probably going to be drinking a little more wine in the future. That is, if I’m not at the dog park.

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