Have I mentioned we’re moving?


I’m sitting on Starbuck’s patio going on hour #2 while the house is being shown for the 16th time in 11 days… I forgot how much this part of moving really sucks. But wait, there’s more!!

Someone did actually submit an offer last night but they wanted the house on May 15th, you know, 28 DAYS FROM NOW! Thankfully the owners countered with June 2nd, which gives us more time. If they accept it at least we don’t have to vacate the house for hours at a time anymore to continue showing it. But that also means we have packers coming in 5 weeks. 5 weeks is not a lot of time.

It also means that yet again, we will NOT be having a door to door move.  It’s like the military spouse version of a fairy tale. I really don’t think they exist. In my mind they’re somewhere between the Loch Ness Monster and Yeti – the big hairy frozen mountain guy, not the cooler. We have never moved when we didn’t spend at least a month in limbo, either at a hotel or three or bumming around relatives homes.

I’m sure our mothers will be thrilled to have us come to Texas for 2-3 weeks and it will be great to spend extra time with family, but I’d really rather just go from point A directly to point B once in our lives. If our stuff goes into storage, EVERYTHING has to be washed when we finally get to Alabama. If it goes into storage, I can’t keep everything in my pantry because the heat will kill a lot of the spices. If it goes into storage I can’t have them ship any of my wine, which means I’ll have to drink more rather than cart multiple cases to Texas with us. Hang on, that might not be a bad thing…

It also means we live out of suitcases for weeks and have to juggle where we can go with 3 massive mutts in tow or spend a fortune boarding them. It means that we’ll be leaving the house ON our daughter’s birthday. Nothing like getting your present and having it boxed back up for a month immediately. Thankfully we had planned her party a week in advance so at least she’ll have that.

Is it the end of the world if we have to be out of the house a few weeks earlier than we planned, no. It’s just another minor annoyance in an otherwise fairly easy life. I just really hate changing plans, even loosely made plans. Moving sucks, but we’ll survive it. Time to go get started on that wine stash…

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