Let’s talk about hydration

water-1882395_1920Water is life. I’m sure someone important said that. Right? Or is it wine is life? Cupcakes, maybe? Cheeseburgers! Personally, I can’t ENJOY life without any of those things on a semi regular basis. But, I’m fairly certain water is the only one that’s actually ESSENTIAL for life.

Statistics vary, but depending on your body composition, age and sex, you’re probably between 50-75% water at any given moment. That’s a LOT of water that your body uses all day long to keep you walking around and talking in (hopefully) complete sentences.

Replenishing that water is pretty crucial to keeping everything working properly. I’ve had kidney problems my WHOLE life, so trust me when I say I know all about drinking tons of water every day. Running and exercising makes it even more important! Seriously some days, I feel like all I do is drink and pee and drink and pee. I’m INCREDIBLY hydrated, internally. But somehow, my skin still doesn’t always show it.

I’m in the over 40 age bracket and I’m an Independent Consultant with Rodan+Fields, so I know ALL about the need for moisturizers. I religiously slather my face and body every day! I use a fabulous night cream from the Redefine line that I adore. I alternate in the mornings between Redefine and Unblemish because sadly, even over 40, I still occasionally get breakouts. Life’s really not fair.

Like drinking water, I’ve got the moisturizer routine down pat. I should be good right? But wait! Now they’ve developed Active Hydration Serum. Do I really need that too? Here’s the thing. MOISTURIZERS and HYDRATORS are two totally separate beasts, which I knew nothing about until recently. I’m betting you didn’t either!

A MOISTURIZER forms a barrier on your skin to lock in moisture. Think of it as a defense shield. It keeps skin protected from environmental irritants trying to get in and makes sure that the moisture in the skin stays in the skin. You should be using one geared for your skin type every day – hopefully with a great sunscreen in it as well!

A HYDRATOR actually ADDS moisture to the skin! Most of them utilize natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin to bind moisture from the atmosphere to the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that can hold up to 1,000 times it’s weight in water. Glycerin creates a reservoir on the skin to transfer that moisture into the cells. Actually ALL skin types can benefit from more hydration!

DRY skin is pretty obvious. Dry skin can feel tight and flaky. It looks dull and is less receptive to any products you put on it. As we age, skin loses it’s ability to maintain moisture levels. Inadequate moisture leads to wrinkles and fine lines as well as a loss of elasticity. Dry skin at any age acts like OLDER skin. If you increase moisture, skin acts younger!

SENSITIVE skin can benefit too. Many instances of sensitivity involve a breakdown of the outer lipid layer of the skin. Adding hydration to the skin can relieve some of the irritation associated with that as well as improve the overall appearance of the skin!

What about ACNE prone skin? Most acne treatments end up drying skin out. I know I had issues with that as a teen! In turn, the oil glands kick up production which can lead to over washing and even more acne. Adding hydration can actually help balance oil production and allow acne products to work better!

My skin is a combination between older and acne prone, so I decided to give the new serum a try. I’ve used it a few times now and I really, really like how it feels. It isn’t heavy and it doesn’t sit on the skin like a cream. It absorbs quickly and the smell reminds me of being at the beach for some reason. I can’t quite place it. I’ve used it both at night and during the day. I was pleasantly surprised with the daytime use, because I didn’t have an oil slick on my face by lunch! I think it’s going to be a great addition to my skincare routine and I know it’s going to boost the results of the other products I’m using.


Active Hydration Serum is already getting rave reviews in the press! It’s been reviewed online in Allure and in recent print issues of Elle, Bazaar, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. Essence even named it a Best in Black Beauty! What’s so special about it? Most products on the market only contain 1-3% glycerin, because it has a sticky feel to it. The Doctors at Rodan+Fields developed a new 3D3P Molecular Matrix which allows them to use a 30% concentration of glycerin along with hyaluronic acid, with no stickiness! That means you get 10 TIMES as much moisture attracted to your skin and it’s delivered all day long. It increases the moisture content of your skin by over 200% in a single use and continues to improve the appearance of skin over time. Layer it under one of our moisturizers and you have an amazing combination for delivering moisture and locking it in for all day results!

Currently, Active Hydration Serum is only available to Rodan+Fields Consultants, but it launches to the public on May 9th. If you want more information or want to know how you could add a hydrator to your routine, contact me and get on my VIP list for purchasing as soon as it’s available! Want to know why you should consider joining my team and partnering with the #1 Skincare Company in North America and soon to be Australia? Go here and then let’s chat!

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