What makes it home?

It’s been three weeks since the truck dropped off all our stuff at the new house. The furniture is arranged. Our collection of stuff is put away and the boxes have been broken down and dropped at the recycling depot. (They don’t have curbside recycling here – don’t get me started.) Art has been hung and rooms have been decorated.

It doesn’t feel like home.

One of the dogs developed an infection during the 4 day drive here, of course. So, we had to find a vet as soon as we arrived. The receptionist was a doll. She worked us in and got him treated the same day and by the end of the next week he was perfectly fine.

It doesn’t feel like home.

We’ve met incredibly friendly people everywhere we go. Clerks at stores go above and beyond to help find things – even when their store doesn’t have what we want. Our neighbors across the street brought homemade chocolate chip cookies our first week here and invited us to a block party  and a Girl’s Night to meet everyone else.

It doesn’t feel like home.

We’ve been to Costco twice – it’s SOOOO good to have it again. We’ve shopped the Commissary on base and two grocery stores in town. The cashier at Target probably knows me by name now. The tiniest pantry we’ve ever had is as stocked as it can be. The fridge and the freezer have food and familiar treats in them.

It doesn’t feel like home.

We *finally* have all of the paperwork together to register our daughter at her new school this week. She starts back in 3 weeks, much to her dismay. We’ve bought all of her school supplies and some new clothes since there are no uniforms.

It doesn’t feel like home.

We’ve cooked and cleaned and done laundry. We’ve gotten drinks and sat on the screened in back porch to watch the dogs exploring the biggest back yard they’ve had in a while. We’ve taken them on walks around the neighborhood to pee on all the new trees and mailboxes.

It doesn’t feel like home.

They held orientation at the base yesterday with some of the spouses from my husband’s class. They are lovely women who will be a huge help in getting through this assignment. We got information from numerous base and community organizations about things to do and places to see in the area.

It doesn’t feel like home.

The Dean of the school my husband is attending mentioned yesterday that they have 302 days until their graduation. Our daughter will finish her school about 10 days later and our movers will be scheduled somewhere in the next week after that. The clock is already counting down, quickly.

It doesn’t feel like home.

What do you do to get settled in a new house? Is there a certain thing that makes it all click into place? Is there a finite time period that has to pass? Are there events that have to happen? I’ve forgotten how long it took at our last duty station before it felt like we belonged. It still feels like we’re just visiting here.

It doesn’t feel like home.

2 thoughts on “What makes it home?

  1. Mrs. Pendergrass says:

    It has been about the 1 year mark for me. But I think the deeper issue is how we approach the new place. Time for a 30 day photo challenge. Go somewhere new each day: a restaurant, a park, a local store, dog park, a festival, even tourist attractions. One place every day.
    Also, as a Key Spouse I am sure that you know about the free app “Base Directory.”
    #homeiswheretheafsendsus #<3


    • Sarcasm and Sensibility says:

      We have been exploring quite a bit the last couple of weeks. We’ve been to museums and farmers markets and antique stores. The city is great. It’s more the house that feels “off” for lack of a better term. I think it’s because we were in Little Rock for so long and the house there fit us so well. This one is great and all of our things go just fine in it. It just doesn’t feel like ours yet.


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