The Flip Side

It’s been a month and I’m FINALLY settling in to the new place! Woohoo! I read an article by another MilSpouse last week that helped identify some of my angst. I had stressed about this move for so long that I just couldn’t get comfortable with it until I had some time to rest and not be moving at light speed.



Friday we spent the day with new friends who are also here for a year of school. We checked out the local mall and made a Costco run. Have I mentioned how thrilled I am to have Costco back? Those gorgeous roses were $13 for two dozen! Insanity. I also bought a huge container of fresh cherries. I love summer fruit! Don’t get me started on how ridiculously cheap the alcohol is either. This will not be the year I cut back on wine consumption evidently. But really, who was expecting that anyway?


We went to a block party at the house across the street Friday night and got to meet some more of the people in the neighborhood. It really is a great little area and everyone is SO friendly. I got a recommendation for a chiropractor from the neighbors and I am thrilled with the prospect of getting an appointment this week! We forced the child to attend because the hosts have a daughter the same age, going to the same Junior High. She saw no reason to go since she has already made one friend in the neighborhood (who she negotiated to bring with her for security), but by the end of the night they were all having a blast together.


Saturday was spent doing normal house cleaning. Normal. Not cleaning for realtor pictures or showings or inspections, just everyday cleaning which is so much less stressful. Even the prospect of doing laundry is much less intimidating when you don’t have to wash your entire closet or figure out what to pack for a month on the road! Although, I do have a trip back to Texas coming up in a few weeks. But it’s way too early to start getting stuff together for that!


Sunday I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, which has always been my happy place. I made some freezer breakfast sandwiches for my daughter to try. She loves the sandwiches from Starbucks on the ciabata rolls and I found some at Publix. I’m hoping these will be something she can grab on her way out the door when school starts next week! Then I decided I needed to bake, so I made cheesecake and what I call drunk cherry sauce for it since I have a crap ton of those on hand now! I did use bourbon instead of brandy and it was awesome! I even tried a new Instant Pot recipe for dinner because I haven’t found and Indian restaurant here yet and it had great flavor.


The dogs and I took a walk this morning and it was incredible out there. Under 70 degrees and almost no humidity! It felt fabulous. I’ve been told it won’t last, but it’s great while it does. It’s finally starting to all come together around here. I think really I just forgot how it feels to move, and how to recover from it. Down time is essential to integrate everything and I just hadn’t had that yet. Three months of constantly being on the move and busy completely jacked with my ability to listen to what I needed. Do you get that way too? Hopefully I’ve got it back now!





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