The Coming Storm

We’re inside of one week until school starts here in Alabama. One… More… Week. If you have kids, you understand what I’m talking about. If you don’t hang on, I’ll try to explain.




School supplies are bought. Pens, pencils, colored pencils, notebook paper, scotch tape, glue sticks, post it notes, calculators, binders, copy paper, graph paper, paper towels, clorox wipes, kleenex – we should have just bought an Office Max franchise years ago. We’ve gone through the massive pile and organized them by generic 7th grade class list. There will no doubt be more for individual teachers once she gets her schedule. But, we’re not concerned about those. No, no – supplies are the least of our worries!


Over the move this summer, we’ve relaxed our restrictions on screen time limits quite a bit. Which, loosely translated, means they were pretty much non-existent to keep her amused and manageable as we bounced from location to location. So, she’s had unlimited Netflix time. Watched as many YouTube videos as she pleased. Facetimed with friends anytime. Oh, and bedtime? HAHAHAHAHA! That has merely been a suggestion for the past couple of months with the exception of a few times when we had plans early the next morning.


Starting to see my problem? The Wookie has been winning ALL SUMMER and now we have to actually enforce rules. Say a prayer, light a candle, kill a chicken for us if you have to y’all, because it’s about to get really, really REAL around here and we’ll take all the help we can get. And yes, I’ve already got a wine delivery scheduled for this afternoon. My momma didn’t raise no fool.


We discussed the need to start gradually moving back to a school timing schedule. So yesterday, I went to wake her up at 10 am. Not incredibly early by pre-teen standards, or so I thought. She begged for 5 more minutes which turned into me trudging back upstairs at 10:45 to force her to actually leave the bed. A few minutes later she stumbled downstairs, plopped on the couch and proceeded to sleep until 2:30 pm no matter what we tried to get her up. Needless to say, attempting to get her back into bed at 9:45 last night was less than pleasant. Discussions of trust and respect ensued that didn’t leave any of us with warm fuzzy feelings.


Going back to early nights, REALLY early mornings and limited screen time in between is going to hurt. I’ve never had my appendix removed with a teaspoon by a sloth, but I’d be willing to be the pain level is going to be similar and drawn out.  I know, we should have started MUCH earlier. We’re bringing a lot of this on ourselves. But, somehow I doubt we’re alone. It’s so hard to take those last few days of freedom away from everyone.


The real pain is actually going to fall mostly on my husband this time around. I’ll be here for the first three days of school (thankfully the first week is short!) and then I’m going back to Texas for the next two weeks to get my mom through a surgery. He’s going to be the one wrangling her into and out of bed and to the bus stop every day. He’s going to be the one making sure that screen time restrictions are enforced, but at least we have the Circle to help a little with that. Anyone else use one of those? Turning the internet off at set times has to help a little bit. Right?


Who am I kidding? Even if she can’t get to the internet, she can read or write or draw after bedtime. Having her upstairs by herself may not be as great as we thought! It’s kinda hard to sneak up on her now. Hopefully the whole routine will come back quickly (before I get back if I’m lucky!). But, we should probably go ahead and apologize to all her teachers at orientation just in case. What do you think we should offer, alcohol or money?


How much time do you have left before school? Have your kids already started back? Any words of wisdom for us?



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